Mt Buffalo morning ride

This morning I got up nice and early, 5:00AM, along with my father and sister and we got ready to take a ride up to the Mt Buffalo chalet.

It’s daylight savings here in Australia, so by 5:00AM the sun is already emerging from behind the hills. The only danger of riding so early is kangaroos. It’s also summer here in Aus so we’ve been hitting temperatures of 35+ and honestly as much as I am not a morning person, I would much rather be up early to beat the heat.

Anyway, we got up early and off we went. Our route up was from home, to beechworth, across to Myrtleford, Porpunkah and then up to Mt Buffalo. The traffic was light, the weather was cool and we didn’t see a single kangaroo, it was perfect riding conditions. My only complaint is the absolutely horrendous road work that’s been done on some of the roads. So we got up to the top of Mt Buffalo, I stupidly tried to turn around in a too tight of gap and ran out of room so I had to get my dad to push me out. Not the first stupid thing I’ve done and will not be the last.

I found after the winding ride up and down Mt Buffalo, my cornering and confidence was already much improved once I got down and back onto flat ground. Corners that I struggled to pick a line through gob our way to Mt Buffalo I had no trouble picking on the way home. It was fantastic! I definitely need to get out and ride more winding mountain roads to improve my riding skills further.

The ride home, we went basically the same way but instead of going back across to beechworth, we cut back to Yackandandah and went home through there. My arms and back were absolutely aching and I could not wait to arrive hone.

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Track bike project

For the last couple of months, I’ve been speaking to my dad about how much I would love to get out on the local motorcycle track and have a hoon around. Of course dads had his natural reservations about it, it’s something that’s never interested him all that much and I guess even as a father who has always encouraged his daughters to ride, seeing one go 120km+ around attack is enough to give any father heart palpitations.

The other night I brought the conversation up again. I started by saying once I get a new bigger bike I’ll keep my little Monster 400 for a track bike when dad came out with, if you’re that serious about it, take my Ducati ST2. Dad has two ST2s, one is road registered and the other is a parts bike. So basically if the worst happens and I put it down, nobody is suffering a big loss. So I officially have a project track bike. I understand it’s not a conventional track bike, the cornering might not be perfect, it’s heavy but I’m not out there to be a racer, I’m out to have some fun, go a bit faster and try and get my cornering up to scratch so that hopefully it’ll help me with my road riding! None the less, its exciting!

I have to do a lot of research now on how to convert it to a track bike, and have everything how it’s supposed to be. Basically if there’s anyone with any advice it will be much appreciated.

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Bike cleaners

I’ve always been super skeptical about cleaners that are specifically branded for a certain type of car/bike. I’ve just always had the opinion it’s all a market ploy to get you to buy it along with the expensive name plastered on it when it’s really no better then a $10 bottle from your local supercells. Recently on a trip into my local Ducati dealer I seen a set of 4 Ducati cleaners, General cleaner, wheel cleaner, wax and an insect remover along with some little cloths to wipe your bike down with. This bundle was priced at $50 so I thought, why not, Might as well give it a go seeing as it was a fair price! Well I have to say I was quite surprised. The best thing out of the entire lot was the wheel cleaner. Living on a dirt road means my bikes rims always get dirt caked around them and my suzuki gets it absolutely caked to the point of not even a pressure washer will remove it. Well the Ducati branded wheel cleaner soaked into the dirt so well so I could just wipe it away! No scrubbing, no power washing, it was absolutely amazing! I couldn’t believe how well it was working! My Suzuki’s rims are spoked and chromed so trying to keep them nice and shiny is a nightmare. This is the one product I’ll absolutely swear by for any branded bike now. It worked absolute wonders on mine. The insect cleaner pulls off the bugs with out having to let it soak on the bike, which is super handy when you’re in a rush. Whilst the rest of the products were great, and bought my bike up with a nice shine, I can’t say they worked any better then products you can pick up in your local super cheap. For $50 however I can’t complain, they do everything they’re expected to do and bring my bike up looking lovely and shiny but for a tighter budget there are just as good products!

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GoPro HERO7 Black

I’ll start off this post by saying I have the most loving and supportive partner I could ever ask for. A few days ago I told him I want/need a GoPro to record some videos for an opportunity that’s arisen, so Tuesday he took me into the stores and not only bought be the GoPro HERO7 Black, but handlebar mount, battery charger + an extra battery and SD card. I was absolutely shocked as I had only asked for the GoPro. This is an early Christmas present but he went above and beyond for me and I could never thank him enough.

Today I got to test out the GoPro and I must say it lives up to all expectations! The 4k60 video captures everything in amazing detail, the hyper smooth video stabilisation technology is phenomenal in keeping the footage smooth even on the roughest and bounciest of roads. I chose to mount it to the chin of my motorbike helmet and after my first test ride with it, I’ve realised I can actually film with the GoPro facing upside down, so I’ll be able to get a better view of the road and scenery that I’m travelling through which will make for much more aesthetically pleasing videos. The GoPro HERO7 Black retails at $544 and in my opinion is worth every penny.

My next ride is Saturday, a trip up to Mt Hotham and back so I’ll hopefully have much better footage from that ride.

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So this is my very first blog post! So I guess a good first post would be an introduction and why I’ve started this blog.

Well, my name is Jessica, I’m 23 years old and I hail from the land down under, Australia. Since I was a young kid I’ve ridden motorbikes. My father always encouraged all 4 of his daughters to ride and so we all grew up riding a ripping little Honda Z50. I remember the days of sinking each other, taking corners too fast and I remember on more then one occasion the bike ending up hanging on the chicken wire fencing. It was all such great fun! When I got to my teens though I brought my first horse and that was the end of bikes for a while. But fast forward to 18 years old I came back to the life of motorbikes. However it wasn’t until I was 22 years old that I went and got my motorbike license. I started on a Suzuki DR200SE which was a fantastic bike to get back on after a break, so much so I actually bought it off my father. It wasn’t long until I was wanting something bigger and faster, so I went looking for a Ducati. I eventually found a 1995 Ducati M400 and fell in love. I had to have her, so I travelled to Melbourne and picked her up. I absolutely love both of my bikes and I love the freedom of picking either road or dirt.

I started this blog so that I can share my motorbike stories with you all and enlighten many others to the fun and joy that motorbikes can bring you!

Thankyou for reading and I’ll see you all next post!